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     St. Ansgar has been named the "Garden Spot of Iowa" and rightfully so. Its thriving farmland, stately trees and colorful local gardens lend dignity and charm to this friendly, small town. 
     This proud tradition has been a part of St. Ansgar's history since it was founded in 1853 by a group of Norwegian immigrant farmers, led by the Rev. Claus L. Clausen a Danish minister. 
     This town is named after a French monk and bishop, who in the 9th century was a missionary to the Scandinavian countries and was made the patron saint of Denmark.

Aquatic Center

St. Ansgar is proud to have a zero entry aquatic center with features such as lilly pads diving board and water slide.

Community Schools

St. Ansgar recently completed a new High School Gym and Elementary School addition, giving our community a beautiful and efficient High School / Middle School / Elementary compound.


Check out our Community and Children Gardens!

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