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Community Protection

Chris Maiers-Chair

Sam Heimer

Street. Garbage. Cemetery

Sam Heimer-Chair

Ben Walk

Policy Administration

Jason Squier -Chair

Mike Juhl

Human Development

Mike Juhl-Chair

Chris Maiers

Water & Sewer

Ben Walk-Chair

Jason Squier

St. Ansgar City Hall is inviting you to a scheduled City Council Meeting
June 10, 2024 07:00 PM Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 899 2655 3712   Passcode: 031943    Dial 1 312 626 6799

Max Budget Resolution FY 23

Other Representative to special Boards

County E28 Economic Development Committee-Sam Heimer

Landfill Board-Keith Horgen

County E911 Board-Jon Henamen

Upper Cedar Watershed Mgt. Improvement-Paul Boerjan

Emergency Magt. Committee-Ben Walk

Flood Plain Administrator-Jim Johnson

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